Friday, January 16, 2009

Peshkin: Subjectivity

Definition: Subjectivity the quality of an investigator that affects the results of observational investigation - the intersection of the person (values, culture, class, experiences, etc) with the thing studied.

Researchers should be aware of how their subjectivity may be shaping their inquiry and its outcomes (pg 17)

Reminds me of Brookfield's assumptions and the role of critical reflection and dialogue

Researchers claim that subjectivity is inherent in their research, but they they may not be conscious of it.

Subjectivity can be good (you bring a unique perspective) or bad (lead to false analysis)

How to monitor awareness of when subjectivity is invoked?
  • keep a diary or journal - watch yourself when emotions kick in - when feelings would be aroused...
reminds me of the story from L502 with the teacher researchers and visiting student homes - from "Ah, poor students" to knowing them as whole people with rich lives....

Subjectivity audit notion - all the different labels of who the researcher was at different moments of emotional impact..and how that impacted (or would have) the analysis of what he was observing.

The "distorting hazard" I NOT seeing something I should or seeing something as it isn't

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